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Why I Love My Job!

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Let's do a little exercise, shall we? 

Close your eyes and imagine a place, anywhere on this little blue speck of ours, that makes you happy. Are you there? I bet it's lovely. 

For one newly-hooded PhD, her favorite place is a spot in the middle of the ocean... She's an oceanographer and a climate scientist!

This talented woman was gifted one of my coordinates rings for her graduation. It's a simple silver band with lots of meaning : latitude and longitude coordinates are stamped into the metal as a reminder of your special place. 

The gift-giver on this occasion was the PhD's mother, Laura. She sent me a thank-you note after the ceremony and it absolutely made my week! 

Hi Cara,

I've just returned from my trip out of town to witness my daughter's dissertation and PhD hooding and couldn't wait to write to let you know how BEAUTIFUL the ring is that you made for her and that she LOVES LOVES LOVES it!  And even more importantly I want to let you know how grateful I was that you went ABOVE and BEYOND to get the ring made and shipped so quickly -- it arrived the afternoon BEFORE her dissertation, which was totally unexpected, but perfect - she wore it for good luck!  I didn't expect to receive it until the following week, at the earliest, so it was a very nice surprise. The box was beautifully wrapped, which I'm not sure you routinely do either, and it was exactly 'HER', if you know what I mean.  She's a scientist, yes, but she's also a lifelong dancer, so the 'girly' touch with the pink bow and the delicate tissue was just the right touch!  I couldn't have done a better job if I'd wrapped it myself :)

Well, I've gone on and on long enough, but I had to let you know how much I appreciated your unbelievable customer service -- can't find that much anywhere these days.

Thanks again!

This letter from Laura is one of the many reasons that I love my job! It's always an honor to make meaningful jewelry that can become a real part of someone's life. I love to imagine all of the lovely people wearing the items I've made; I hope every piece is part of a happy story that is as precious as that little ring of silver. 

Customized coordinates rings in sterling silver. 

Customized coordinates rings in sterling silver. 

The Origins of TorchFire Studio

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In the spring of 2012 I was a newlywed in a strange town. 

We had moved from our hometown for my husband's job, and I was alone, Ben worked a lot, and I felt absolutely uninspired. I'd had zero luck finding a job using my college English degree. (I know, I know!) 

One weekend Mom came to visit and we took a jewelry making class - we created a simple pair of enameled copper earrings. I really loved the process: sawing out the metal. forming the earwires, and using flame to transform the enamel. After the class was over, I had so many more questions and a desire to learn more. Finally, something had fired my imagination (no pun intended!) I grabbed my laptop and read a million articles, scoured YouTube for videos and I taught myself to solder at my kitchen table. 

As time went on, I made a few things that I thought were good enough to share. I opened an Etsy shop and sold a few items that I made with copper, silver and some silver clay. My items and photography were far from perfect and there were giant holes in my skill set. However, in those early days, I had a few wonderful customers that made me feel that I was on the right track. 

One particular couple requested some chunky silver rings with a gold interior. I used what skills I had and learned about the Keum Boo technique in the process. The resulting rings made my lovely customers so happy; they sent me a long thank you note and included some extra money marked "to be used for champagne"! 

Custom Sterling Silver and Keum Boo Rings .

Custom Sterling Silver and Keum Boo Rings .

Keum Boo & Sterling Silver Ring. 

Keum Boo & Sterling Silver Ring. 

This experience really spurred on my newfound love for creating jewelry. 

Today I have been running my business for almost 5 years, selling online and now in my own studio inside the wonderful Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment facility.  I have taken  professional courses to round out my skills, and I can't wait to learn more.  In my vocation and in my life, I want to always keep learning. 

Workshops Now Available!

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Hello, Friends! For those of you close to Huntsville, Alabama, I'm now offering workshops in my studio! The first on offer is a soldering basics course on June 23 from 6-8 pm. You'll learn how to solder with a butane torch, and you'll make and take home a pair of sterling silver earrings. 

Only six spots are available for this workshop, but more will be scheduled in the future! 

To learn more, click the photo below or visit the "Workshops" section of the site.  

I hope to see you there! 

TorchFire Studio is Open!

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After years of dreaming and a month and a half of hard work, TorchFire Studio now has a space open to the public! My studio is housed inside the Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment facility in Huntsville, Alabama.  I absolutely love this place! The historical rustic vibe of the wooden flooring and brick walls, the abundant sunlight, and friendly neighbors make this an amazing place to work. 

Please stop by if you're in Huntsville! Besides visiting my studio, you can find artists, gourmet chocolatiers, even a whiskey distillery here at the Mill. 

To find TorchFire Studio, find orange door #16 on the south side of the facility. Take the steps up to the 3rd floor and I'm on your immediate right in Studio 321. Hello! 


Stop by sometime and say hello!