Controlled chaos...

I really enjoy reading about the featured shops on Etsy every week. It's nice to get a peek at artists' workspaces and creative processes. The workspaces always look so organized and clean, and are just full of natural light and inspiration. My workspace?It's arranged according to the "controlled chaos" school of design.

chaos, jewelry making, workshop, crafts, handmade Lovely, no? I suppose it's good that I work just fine amid total chaos and constant disorganization. I have managed to create two rings, a bangle bracelet, and a necklace in the past 24 hours. Not too shabby (unlike my "studio" space!)

jewelry making, jewelry studio, handmade, crafts I have grand plans for a workshop in our next house: a fully organized space with separate stations for storage, soldering, chemical processes, and margaritas. Of course lots of inspiration boards and natural light... Someday, right?