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Playing catch up...

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Oh, naughty me!Whenever I write a new blog post after a long time has lapsed, I feel as though I am walking into confession. "Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. It has been several weeks since my last post."

... Well it has! November has been a busy month so far, what with several meet ups of my ladies' dinner group and weekend trips to Alabama and North Carolina. Amid all the fun, the universe seemed to sense that I was busy, and sales were pretty slow at the beginning of the month. On Sunday, I commented on how I needed some new sales to work on, and "cha-ching!" A sale appeared. And then ten minutes later, "cha-ching!" Maybe there is some truth to the notion that you can't get what you need unless you ask for it! This morning I am enjoying my oatmeal and earl grey while putting the finishing touches on items to ship out today. I love thinking of my jewelry travelling across the country (or even the globe) while I sit in my pjs with a snuggly dog next to me. I must remember to get my post person a Christmas gift this year...

In this month's travelling and order-fulfillment, I have not done much in the way of creating new items for the shop. I feel like Etsy is a venue with a "publish or perish" mentality and listing fresh items is a must. I can even imagine things I could make, but Gosh darnit! I can't bring myself to get in there and make a big mess. Can someone come kick me in the pants?