Pins in the air...

Starting your own business involves a lot of effort. Starting your own business selling handmade items online involves even more. I have become a one-person show, executing every single aspect of my business solo. While designing and creating, I must also be photographing, listing, and promoting my brand. I've found that it's like a juggling act, but it works best when the juggler only tosses one pin a day, sometimes two. Sure, I could try and juggle all 5 pins at once, but I tend to run out of time. And sanity. And wine.

Today my juggling act consists of two pins- photographing and listing some new items. Thankfully I put aside a day or two to finish new designs that are ready to ship. Lately I feel as though I have been playing catch-up. The made-to-order items seem to be the most popular by far. Many of the finished and unique items have found new homes all over the US, and I have sent them off wishing mightily that I had made duplicates to relist. So are you ready for a little behind-the-scenes shot of today's gorgeous photography setup?

IMG_5586IMG_5615Today's photoshoot occurred on a chair by the kitchen window. I like to try and use some natural light, but today's weather is less than ideal. Still, I think the photos turned out pretty well, and you would never guess from looking at them that the photographer is being distracted by a friendly little dog licking the underside of her chin.

Ahh, the glamorous life of a juggler.