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This time last year...

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Ok, moment of truth time. Can I share a fact with you?

I am a really messy person. Ok, not a hoarder or anything, but I typically leave a trail of destruction that could inspire a hurricane to step up its game. Just sayin'. 

The other truth of it is that I hate being in the midst of a mess. I feel confused and befuddled and I can't get my mind to function. It's no good, especially when I need to get things done!

Today, like most days, I got out of bed and put on a pot of coffee.  Then I happened to glance at my kitchen table. As usual, it was a hellacious jumble of wire, metal and tools. Instead of inspiring the typical twinges of irritation and sneaking suspicions that I might be a slight failure at life, I smiled a little bit.

Because you know what? This time last year, I was scouring the web for information on the basic premises of jewelry making.  I have always imagined myself a creative person, and I felt such envy of people who spent their days creating beautiful things with their hands. So I decided to teach myself how to make beautiful things. If other people could learn, so could I!

My first research was on how to solder metal. I remember being confused but determined to master the new skill, and so I taught myself using the internet as a guide. My first attempts were unsightly combinations of cheap copper sheet and plumbing solder from the hardware store, but I was proud of teaching myself a new skill.

Fast forward a year, and today I am running a handmade jewelry business on Etsy. I am amazed at all of the skills I have learned, mostly all by my own research on the web. I still have so much to learn about metalsmithing and especially about running a business, but I want to learn!

This time last year, I didn't know how much I could learn. I had no idea I could actually act on my inspirations for a handmade business. What a concept!  I am excited to see where I will be a year from now. I'm sure wherever I am, the table will still be a mess.

Do you have any dreams that seem out of grasp? Take the leap and do a web search for how to videos on your topic. You might just be surprised at what you can do!