Bleargh, It's Monday Again?


Hey, Folks! It's hard to believe it's Monday again. For us this means... not much. As I've mentioned before, we are looking for new jobs so we can make the move to where we want to be. It was a wonderful feeling making the decision to pick up and go, but now things just seem to be on hold. I'm learning that making your mind up to do something is only a small portion of making life changes. The larger portion includes nasty things like burning your retinas in front of the computer all day,  applying 1,000,000 places and waiting. waiting. waiting.  It's a classic hurry-up-and-wait situation. Meanwhile, I can just feel the summer slipping away.

Thankfully, we will be visiting our future town soon to celebrate special occasions with family and also do a lot of scouting. I am hopeful that we will uncover some good leads. Fingers crossed!

Until then, it's just a regular Monday here. The days seem to bleed together without much differentiation. Yesterday was a small exception; the incoming storm system graced me with a terrible hair day and a raging headache that lasted for the majority of the day. Like, want-to-twist-my-head-off terrible. There was a tv special on about the Tower of London, and I found myself wondering if a beheading might bring relief... Have I mentioned it was a really bad headache?

This morning brought relief and a little sunshine. On the downside I'm out of coffee, unmotivated, and my furry co-worker is no help.

Bleargh. Might be time to take my own advice.