A Week Ends, A Week Begins.


Last week was perfectly lovely, especially the Thursday - Sunday portion of it. I was able to wrap up all my orders by Thursday and head south to visit my family for the Father's Day weekend. Ben also came down, but continued further to see his parents and his grandparents for the holiday. This year, my dad insisted that we not buy him anything for Father's Day, but I wanted to do something, so I whipped up a little photo to present him with a physical concept of his gift - a full day of "personal chef" services by his favorite oldest daughter (Me!).


I had fun doing lots and lots of cooking - we enjoyed some delicious items like my homemade crepes with orange butter sauce, butternut squash risotto, and my favorite sticky balsamic ribs.

 (And apple pie.)...(And coconut cake.)

Holy cow, did we eat a lot this weekend! Thank goodness that Dad agreed to give Mom and I some tennis lessons. Otherwise, I might not fit into my clothes this week!

Speaking of this week, we have a LOT planned, and a good deal of it involves long car rides and short shorts.  Murphy's Law has indeed kicked into overdrive, with several orders pouring though in the past few days, just in time to add to my last-minute to-do list.  The day seems to be getting away from me yet again, so I'm off to check some items off my list. Hope your week is off to a great start already!