Long Lights


Here it is, autumn already! I have been enjoying my morning coffees out on our new back deck and noticing just how long the sunlight has grown.I've been altogether lax in my online presence, save for keeping the shop functioning, and I've failed to shed any light on our recent events! We found a cute little home to call our own for a while, and my dear husband is spending his days doing job training for his new position. My first priority was (of course) to unpack all my jewelry equipment and get my shop up and running again as quickly as possible. It was a serious discomfort to find that my business would have to function for a full week without internet service, but I made it through and emerged unscathed (albeit a little wild-eyed).

Somewhere in the tangle of moving, two milestones were celebrated: I turned a whopping 27 years old, and TorchFire Studio celebrated its first birthday on September 9th. We spent my special day frantically ironing out issues with the moving truck rental / moving helpers and packing up every single item in our home. TorchFire got a similar treatment, but I did make note of the date and reflect for a moment on the progress my little business has made (a lot!). It has been an interesting first year and I'm curious to see how much I can learn in the next one! In the meantime, I hope that the 2013 holiday season kicks in soon - I'm ready for a challenge!