Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


Today's sunshine is all indoors around here today - some hot tea, warm socks, and my beautiful, bright sunflowers that my darling had delivered just because. Happy sigh. The cloudy day peeps through the window and gives me the urge to snuggle down with a good book and my sleepy little dog. Today we are finally getting the gas turned on for the winter, and we learned that the previous house tenants had not turned on the gas in three years!  I can't imagine going through the cold parts of the year without heat! In shop news, I am trying to finally get ahead of the curve and get orders out more quickly. In addition, I am adding some simple earring designs that will make fantastic, affordable stocking stuffers. This holiday season will be my second, but my first season as a decently established shop. I'm excited! I really have no idea what to expect this year, and I can just try my best to keep supplies and packaging well-stocked.

For now I think I'll just enjoy the day as it comes, and more hot tea and a nice BLT will suit me just fine .    :)