November Days.


fall, autumn, horse, jewelry, path November has arrived in all its glory, and I'm loving it!  A dear friend and I have started walking every morning, and it's been so fun to see the autumn leaves skittering in the wind as we walk and talk. We've decided that our morning sessions are part exercise, part fun, and a healthy dose of gal pal therapy: Am I crazy or is there some magic element in walking with a friend that can get your feelings and words aligned?

To get  out of the cooling November wind, we come back to my house for a breakfast of hot coffee and strange fridge leftovers (bacon and sautéed cabbage, anyone?)

Everything combines to pass in a blur - after our morning walks, I stay busy in the shop during the day, and the hours seem to add up quickly. Before I know it, Friday happens and I've achieved very little on my weekly to-do list. ( I STILL haven't updated my driver's license! )

Thank goodness it's only Tuesday - I've still got a little time to have a cup of tea and watch the sun's lengthening rays transform the neighborhood maples into vibrant autumn beauties.