working weekend.


Ok, so maybe I'm not "working" in the sense that I am creating things for fun instead of actually conducting shop business like I do during the week. But. I got a new toy! This week I finally spent a little money on a new Foredom flex shaft system, and it is seriously the best piece of equipment a gal could buy.  I used to spend a lot of time perfecting my finishes by hand and now the thought seems completely laughable. I have so seen the light!

Here are three rings (seriously, do I ever make anything else?) that I made this weekend.  I really enjoyed playing with my new toy and putting a good shine on these little babies.

Moissanite and 14k gold

Garnet and sterling silver

I spent some time today getting the rings listed and possibly also watching The Mummy Returns on tv. And eating (one million) Halo oranges.

...and a few orange Doritos.  Isn't that what weekends are for?

(Chewie update tomorrow!)