Ah, Sunday.


I really do love Sundays. They are the one day I feel that I have no obligations. Most Sundays I wake up at a leisurely hour and check my favorite blog rotation while sipping some coffee. Reading the other beautiful (and often food-based) blogs out there made me just a little regretful for neglecting my own. I do keep busy but it wouldn't kill me to update a little more often, eh?

This week was a nice mix of work and quality down-time. This February has been fantastic for my Etsy shop.  Last February I had only 8 (!!!) sales and this month so far I'm up to 47.  The wedding ring sets are without a doubt my bread and butter, and it's clear that we are heading full-tilt into wedding season. I am so excited to see the level of growth even from last year.

A to-do list for this busy week includes lots of jewelry-making, cleaning and rearranging my studio, and scheduling appointments for necessary evils such as tax preparation and eye appointments. If I have my way, it will also include a few drinks with friends and sofa shopping. I have a feeling one of those things is more likely than the other. :)