beach week: the lighthouse

My favorite part about our trip (outlaws in-laws not withstanding) was visiting the lighthouse in St. Augustine.  I've never been in a lighthouse, but now I'm officially obsessed with visiting any and all of these blinking' beacons. I told Ben that I want to visit the 10 highest lighthouses in the US, but he just smiled and nodded. Smart man. The St. Augustine specimen is a little cutie, with a navy stripe and red beacon platform, and a rather reasonable 219 stairs to the top. The spiral staircase wasn't as dizzying as I expected and only wigged me out a little bit on the way back down.  Emerging at the top level, the view of the bay and the sea breeze made the gluteal cramps worth it. ... Enough so that I climbed to the top twice!

The view from the bottom.

The view from the bottom.

Beacon lens detail.

The view from the top.

the view from the top.


In case you are haunted by the sensation that you are missing some obligatory sunset shots, you'll soon be able to lay your fears to rest.  At a later date, beach week: installment 3.