Looking up.


Since I returned from my weekend trip, I've had a hard time getting back on schedule this week: today seems like a Thursday for me. I know that it's catching up with me - energy-wise - because I just tried to cut my chicken with a fork and a spoon.


I stayed up too late last night, listening to podcasts, polishing and packing orders. I did get a jump on today's work, and this morning I had some time to photograph and list new lovelies before the rain began to fall.

The back door is open while I work online at the kitchen table and the rain sounds and smells are a mini reprieve from the stifling southern summer. I look up from my laptop and no lights are on in the house except a small candle. Somehow it seems so much more restful.

Today I am especially grateful for small pleasures: huge cups of green tea, a sleepy dog, a new houseplant. Working from home can often be supremely lonely, but today it seems pretty ideal.