A Summer's Day


It's no surprise that here in Alabama it's stiflingly hot (again) today. I've finished up all but one of my orders before my upcoming solo mini-vacation to Florida, and I'm simply too hot to create anything new. Instead the dogs accompany me to the garden as I water the melons and pick some cherry tomatoes and herbs for tonight's dinner. Afterwards we three languish, stretched out in the living room, basking in the holy breeze of the ceiling fan. It's a lazy Monday, and it feels like an extravagance!

Tonight I'm cooking a summery dinner for three and we'll tune in to The Bachelorette. I love watching with my friend and /or Ben and sharing our opinions - it's one of the few shows I watch that doesn't include a murder (thus far).

This week I'm looking forward to Florida! I'm packing a swimsuit, jewelry and my camera. I'll get to help out with a licensed sea turtle patrol, and I hear that they're having new nest hatchings everyday. My mini vacation can't come quickly enough!